Talk about personalized, hyper-local, relevant marketing!  Beacon - enabled out-of-home media formats deliver a personalized experience in a dynamic new way.  Enable beacons on a mobile billboard and ping consumers with campaign-specific, hyper-targeted and proximity-based content during times they’re highly alert. As pedestrians and motorists enter the beacon zone (up to 100 yards from the beacon-enabled mobile billboard), they’ll receive a push notification.  This delivers interactive brand-to-consumer messaging, such as: a special offer, a link to a website, a video or game, directions to the nearest store or a calendar reminder.  This forward-thinking, innovative and digitally-anchored approach to outdoor advertising is also highly measurable.  Track how many people receive a message – and then enter your store, visit your website, follow you on social media, etc....!!

By using our BEACON ENABLED Mobile Billboard Trucks, you can reach the right audience on the device they value the most:  THEIR SMARTPHONE!

When out-of-home advertising is paired with a smartphone campaign, the reach is amplified by up to 316%.”/ OAAA