Brand ambassadors aren’t just paid advertisers or spokespeople, they are truly ambassadors who believe in your brand and relate to it in a way that establishes them as your identity. Some organizations have successfully leveraged celebrities as brand ambassadors, while others train employees, utilize their best customers or deploy a team of passionate and professional individuals that can represent your brand or product.

Some businesses may not think that utilizing brand ambassadors is right for them. Here are some examples of where brand ambassadors can bring that unimaginable value.

  • Non-Profits Need Brand Ambassadors
  • Brands That Need a Fast Start
  • Brands That Need Humanizing

Our clients have success using our team of brand ambassadors (in conjunction with our mobile billboard trucks) to reach new customers, promote products, and services. Whether your product is beverages, food, or services we can provide the experience staff to assist your company.  Our experienced staff of brand ambassadors can also distribute samples, flyers, or even business cards at any event or location desired such as shopping malls, exhibitions, or trade show.  No job is too big or small for ILUM's team of Brand Ambassadors.

Engage directly with your targeted demographic with Brand Ambassadors – Energetic, bright, and dynamic spokespeople who leave a lasting impression with your customers.