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The advent of 3D mobile advertising has been on the horizon for only a short time, but in that time it has proven its efficacy as an emerging marketing medium in leaps and bounds. And while a conventional 3D advertising display is impactful, the physical and practical effect of 3D mobile advertising without glasses is the next evolution in a world that increasingly values the lo-fi / high-touch of ‘lovemark advertising’ in ways that simply are not expressible through technology alone.

Our specialized 3D Mobile Display Showroom advertising platform is a completely transparent vehicle that can be utilized to take your brand to the next level. The 3D Mobile Display Showroom has unique features such as climate control, dual entries, built-in stairs and storage with on-board power, with maximum viewport areas to capture and engage audiences in ways never-before,… a true 3D mobile advertising experience.

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Local, Regional or National Advertising


  • Exclusive units
  • Constructed scene inside glass box
  • Custom & dedicated routes
  • Custom exterior audio experience
  • 8+ hours of driving per day
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Fully equipped with generator and AC outlet
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What’s the Reach of a Mobile Billboard Truck?

Why use 3D Mobile Billboard Advertising

Our 3D mobile advertising solutions come with many benefits. With high-quality crystal-clear glass on the sides and back, our 3D Mobile Display Showrooms transform to become a mobile showroom advertising display that immerses the viewer inside the message, or displays larger-than life versions of your product or brand. Using our new methodology for this 3D billboard advertising (without a billboard), the possibilities are endless for creating successful “living art advertising” promotions and demonstrations that leverage the power of 3D advertising without glasses.

From home appliances displays to set mock-ups for theatrical productions, your vehicle will become the talk-of-the-town through our specially engineered 3D mobile ad trucks! When it comes to impact, ILUM’s 3D Mobile Display Showroom has everything you could want to make the biggest bang possible!

“Americans report spending an average of 15 hours a week in-car, either as driver or passenger. Young men 18-34, elusive to TV advertisers, have huge exposure to outdoor media. In-car audiences are a vital advertising consideration in all-sized U.S. media markets. Outdoor and radio advertising are very complementary.” – Arbitron Inc. / Edison Media Research


If you’re still up in the air on which direction to go with your experiential marketing campaign our Out-of-Home Advertising strategy, ILUM can help. Our 3D advertising displays our simply one of the proven mobile truck advertising tactics we’ve leveraged for clients in our key national and state markets, time and again. ILUM is your 3D advertising company of choice when it comes to viewer engagement! But don’t take our word for it! See actual 3D mobile advertising examples below in our 3D mobile billboard gallery and relive the ads that have multiplied brand awareness exponentially for both large and small businesses owners across countless ad campaigns.


3D Mobile Advertising
  • Unmistakable presence with ‘true-to-life’ 3D mobile showroom displays.
  • Audio is available for visual and aural presentation.
  • The sky’s the limit with what can be presented during the course of daily 3D mobile advertising runs.


LED Billboard Trucks targeting
  • Custom routing (or special event ‘camping’) reaches consumers based on geography and peak periods traffic assessment.
  • Strategic targeting of events, competitors and specific locations using advanced data metrics and your 3D mobile advertising truck.
  • Leveraging advanced scheduling to yield more daily impressions and overall engagement as your 3D advertising display draws attention.


Ilum Ads national advertising
  • Regional, national, and international audiences within the US and Canada.
  • Drives 3D mobile showroom engagement with locals where they live, work and play, in addition to strategic stop points that actually draw native onlookers.
  • Three (3) crystal-clear glass faces on our 3D display advertising trucks to provide maximum visibility of your showroom or ‘live performance’ message.


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