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Mobile Digital Billboards have brought advertising engagement to a whole new level in recent years. But now, with ILUM’s latest, cutting edge LED technology, our LED mobile billboard platforms have proven that scrolling mobile billboard trucks and led mobile billboards are both effective components to a savvy business Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising mix. Our led mobile billboards feature an eye-catching and amazingly impactful design, perform with a high level of durability, and are quickly becoming the most popular mobile ad unit within the Custom Format classification of OOH Advertising mediums used today! Bottom line, our mobile LED billboards are now the premier advertising solution for both small and large business alike.

Local, Regional or National Advertising


  • Exclusive or Shared units
  • Two 10′ LED HD Screens on sides
  • One 6′ LED HD Screen on rear
  • Custom exterior audio experience
  • 4 hour minimum
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Unlimited ad uploads
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Why use LED Mobile Billboards

The usage of LED mobile billboards are a lot like placing candy in a busy checkout line: the strategic usage and abundance of mobile, digitally-enabled LED outdoor advertisement impressions ILUM provides our clients allows us to push consumers to commit real-life actions – whether it’s stopping into a nearby mobile phone store or purchasing one brand over another after ad consideration. Mobile digital billboard ads have eclipsed static advertising and other fundamental mediums using text blown up larger than life over highways – simply put, they’re interactive and function as part of the digital marketing funnel, along with other digital ad mediums consumed by buyers. And with ILUM’s proprietary market routing and traffic engagement strategies , our mobile led outdoor ads are (just like other formats today) getting smarter and smarter.

While TV and Print advertising budgets continue to shrink, Outdoor Advertising is the only traditional ad format that is still growing (at a healthy 2.7% , statistics last updated, December, 2017).

Create Stories

Create Stories with LED Ads
  • Exceptional visibility with vibrant LED mobile billboard displays.
  • Audio is available for visual and aural presentation.
  • Multiple creative messages can be presented during the course of daily LED mobile billboard run.

Target traffic

LED Billboard Trucks targeting
  • Custom routing reaches consumers based on geography and peak periods traffic assessment.
  • Strategic targeting of events, competitors and specific locations using advanced data metrics.
  • Leveraging day-parting to yield more impressions and overall engagement at specific points through the day.

Reach people

Ilum Ads national advertising
  • Regional, national, and international audiences within the US and Canada.
  • Drives mobile digital billboard engagement with locals where they live, work and play.
  • Three (3) LED faces on our display advertising trucks to provide maximum visibility of your LED mobile billboard message.
LED trucks


Mobile digital billboard ads served through our unique mobile advertising platforms are able to deliver the ‘missing marketing segment’ for your business where it counts. Whether you’re new to LED mobile billboard truck ads or simply looking to upgrade from your existing scrolling billboard trucks approach into a newer format with higher penetration, ILUM is your mobile billboard company of choice! But don’t take our word for it! See actual mobile billboard advertising solutions below in our LED mobile billboard gallery and experience the ads that have increased the ROI and force-multiplied the ad spend for both large and small businesses owners in our key markets


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  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS

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