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ILUM’s beginning keep us humble every day. We’ve grown quickly over the past few years but we’ve never lost touch of our family roots and the relationships we, as a team, bring to our clients in order to make them number one, top of mind, each and every day.

At ILUM, being a mobile billboard company isn’t just about driving ad enabled trucks around in circles, in fact, we acknowledge that the complexity of mobile billboard advertising today has brought together the best engineers, designers and data analysts on one team over the years, to make what we call a forward-thinking family. It’s this close-knit, professional and seasoned approach help all of our team members add up to one thing,… your ad, and making it a success! Reach out to us today even if it’s just to chat.

We want ILUM to be your ‘friend’ in the outdoor mobile ad industry – advice is free so give us a shout! You’ll be glad you did.

Are Your Ads Adding Up to Positive ROI? Let’s Talk


Top advertising companies are made up of top professionals, and at ILUM we’re only as strong as our best people – which makes us super-proficient in the world of outdoor mobile billboard advertising! And across the board, if you survey respondents and ask them what the best advertising companies in the world have in common, they all agree on one thing: total transparency.

At ILUM we’ll never pitch for your business with ‘5 Star’ promises of resources, leading the pitch with our most experienced veterans, only to swap in a junior advertising team once you’ve agreed to launch a campaign. We started ILUM because we got tired of hearing story after story of clients paying out big money for (what turned out to be) plug-and-play junior expertise at their outdoor mobile billboard agency, all wrapped up in a senior-grade price tag. At ILUM our client communications are top priority so you understand all of the processes and deliverables involved,… that’s the ILUM performance promise.

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Effective Campaign Routing. Proof of Performance.


At ILUM we’ve strategized, designed and deployed thousands of effective routing for mobile billboard advertising campaigns across all industries and client accounts, big and small. Our tried and true methodology of mobile billboard advertising, leverages the most market share out of every campaign we drive and our portfolio of modern, specially engineered mobile advertising truck platforms are operated by professional drivers and mobile ad specialists who are well-versed and thoroughly briefed on our clients’ campaign strategies and specific needs for the products and/or services being advertised.

ILUM’s collective 50+ years in pioneering both static mobile billboard advertising and mobile digital billboard advertising continues to attract industry recognition, and allows us to pass a wealth of training and experience on to every driver and campaign specialist that joins our team, imparting the tactical skills to recognize, align with, and quickly reach target demographics and local event opportunities, keeping us flexible and nimble enough to pivot into high-engagement areas while on their specific campaign routing, because driving your business, is our business. ILUM may also provide detailed GPS and photographic proof of performance upon request. Reach out to us today and learn more about the ILUM performance promise!

“Americans report spending an average of 15 hours a week in-car, either as driver or passenger. Young men 18-34, elusive to TV advertisers, have huge exposure to outdoor media. In-car audiences are a vital advertising consideration in all-sized U.S. media markets. Outdoor and radio advertising are very complementary.” – Arbitron Inc. / Edison Media Research