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If your brand ambassador marketing strategy is drawing a question mark for you, you’re not alone. Although 71% of consumers share details of their in-person event experiences with their peers and family members, creating a fully-realized brand ambassador marketing strategy doesn’t just happen,… it takes the right people, the right plan, and usually results in a business going through several brand ambassador agencies before hitting upon the right one.

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The truth is that brand ambassadors aren’t just paid advertisers or spokespeople, they are professional referral-drivers that immerse themselves in your product and brand attraction characteristics in order to truly become ambassadors who believe in your brand and relate to it in a way that establishes them as your identity. And while some organizations have successfully leveraged celebrities as brand ambassadors, the best brand ambassador companies provide these key resources by training a team of passionate and professional individuals that can represent your brand or product. Here are some examples of where brand ambassadors can bring that unimaginable value:

  • Non-Profits Ambassadors Guides & Explainers
  • Brands That Need a Fast Start
  • Brands That Need Humanizing
  • Demonstrable Products That Should Be Visualized
  • Technology Events and Walk-throughs
  • Food & Beverage Showcases
  • Professional Services With Larger Physical Effects

Our clients have achieved inumerable successes using our team of brand ambassadors (in conjunction with our mobile billboard trucks) to reach new customers, promote products, and services,… and create real-life brand ambassador marketing strategies that drive referral after referral. Whether your product is beverages, food, or services we can provide the experience staff to assist your company. Our experienced staff of brand ambassadors can also distribute samples, flyers, or even business cards at any event or location desired such as shopping malls, exhibitions, or trade show. As your premier pick among brand ambassador agencies, no job is too big or small for ILUM’s team of Brand Ambassadors.

Engage directly with your targeted demographic with Brand Ambassadors – Energetic, bright, and dynamic spokespeople who leave a lasting impression with your customers.


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  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS

Why use Our Brand Ambassadors?

For most businesses, especially startups, getting the word out about their products is essential. A professional brand ambassador is someone who’s tried your product or service and loves it,… loves it enough to say genuine, incredible, well-learned things about it, without coming across as a paid-endorser. The positive, natural, humanized authenticity of a brand ambassador avails itself by personifying the following attributes as your brand is carried forward in expert hands:

Best Marketing Practices – If they can’t make the right message come out, they’ll never reach the right people.

A High Level of Professionalism – People feel attracted to someone who radiates the gravity of preparedness and thought-leadership.

Natural Leadership Skills – Can they lead a horse to water AND make him/her drink? A great ambassador corrales people.

Passion for Growing Relationships – Single serving friendships are an art form, and you’d better hire the right painter.

Gathering Feedback and Providing New Insight – the perfect representative of your brand knows when to listen, when to explain, how NOT to over-explain.

74% of consumers have a better opinion about a brand after an in-person event


When it comes to brand ambassadors, do you have the right people in place? The best brand ambassador agencies know how to ope-rationalize your brand, where to place the right people, and which action-beats need to happen. As with any brand ambassador marketing strategy, real referral marketing requires the ideal mix of resources, role-playing, and (of course) people — with pivotal people delivering the perfect performances that drive the whole brand evangelism forward.

At ILUM we’ve achieved the best-in-class reputation among brand ambassador agencies by sourcing and retaining the right ambassadors with the perfect blend of skills, personality, and credibility, to make your brand ambassador marketing strategy deliver and your referral marketing program take off.

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