3D Mobile Display Showroom

The advertising 3D Mobile Display Showroom is a completely transparent vehicle that can be utilized to take your brand to the next level. The 3D Mobile Display Showroom has unique features such as climate control, dual entries, built-in stairs and storage with on-board power.

With high-quality crystal-clear glass on the sides and back, our 3D Mobile Display Showrooms can become a mobile showroom or display larger-than life versions of your product. The possibilities are endless for creating successful "living art advertising" promotions. From home appliances displays to set mock-ups for theatrical productions your vehicle will become the talk-of-the-town!

ILUM’s 3D Mobile Display Showroom basically has everything you could need to make the biggest bang possible!



  • Regional, national, and international audiences within the US and Canada
  • Locals where they live, work and play
  • GUARANTEED Service


  • Custom routing reaches consumers based on geography or time of day
  • Strategically target events, competitors and specific locations
  • GUARANTEED Service
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  • Exceptional visibility with crystal clear glass
  • Endless possibilities
  • GUARANTEED Service