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Mobile Billboards

Discover a new breed of mobile billboard advertising today with ILUM. When spending your money on an advertising campaign, you want it to reach the right people at the right time. ILUM’s network of Static Mobile Billboards position your message at eye level, when and where it will be most effective.

Serving over 25 states in the United States and Canada, ILUM’s precision network of mobile billboard truck platforms ranging from 16 – 22 foot Static Mobile Billboards gets your message to areas where traditional static billboards cannot go or penetrate key markets. They deliver your message at surgically-strategic locations such as malls and shopping centers, adjacent to trade shows, convention centers, sporting arenas and other heavily trafficked areas where your target audience works, shops and plays.

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Mobile LED Digital Billboards

Explore mobile LED digital billboards today with our cutting-edge mobile advertising services at ILUM. Our LED mobile billboard solutions are the next step beyond scrolling billboard trucks and work with our data-driven strategy to drive ad engagements and business to you. The mobile digital billboard revolution is here.

With the latest eye-catching LED technology, LED billboards have opened up a whole new range of ad viewership and expanded the potential for the number of ad engagements in the outdoor advertising industry. With their lightweight design, high level of durability, day or night viewing clarity and long lifetimes – mobile LED digital billboards now allow billboards to go mobile!

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Mobile Digital Billboards | Mobile Billboard Rental Services | ILUMADS
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3D Mobile Displays & Mobile Showrooms

Discover the new revolution in 3D mobile advertising showrooms with ILUM’S 3D mobile advertising without glasses! Your customized 3D mobile advertising display uses practical effects for a promotional experience that takes 3D advertising displays to the next level and a spectacle that can’t be missed. The 3D Mobile Display Showroom has unique features such as climate control, dual entries, built-in stairs and storage with on-board power.

With high-quality crystal-clear glass on the sides and back, our 3D Mobile Showrooms display and ‘physically-realize’ a larger-than life version of your product. The possibilities are endless for creating successful “living art advertising” promotions. From home appliances displays to set mock-ups for theatrical productions, ILUM’s 3D Mobile Display Showroom has everything you could need to make the biggest bang possible!

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Brand Ambassadors

What’s your brand ambassador marketing strategy? If you’re looking for brand ambassador agencies that can authentically articulate your brand, remember the best brand ambassador companies create the perfect referral marketing experience that fuses brand ambassador marketing strategy with true experiential marketing! Our hand-picked team of brand ambassadors (in conjunction with our mobile billboard trucks) reach new customers, promote products, and services on behalf of our clients.

Whether your product is food, beverages, demonstrable products or services, our experienced brand ambassadors can promote and distribute samples, flyers, or even business cards at any event or location desired such as shopping malls, exhibitions, or trade show. Engage directly with your targeted demographic with energetic, bright, and dynamic spokespeople who leave a lasting impression with your customers.

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Brand Ambassadors | Brand Ambassador Agencies | ILUMADS

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  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS
  • Mobile Billboards Miami | Digital Billboard Advertising Miami Florida | ILUMADS


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is Your Mobile Outdoor Advertising Working For You?

If you’re wondering what you current ad agency or provider is doing to drive revenue, you’re not alone. We speak with people every day who feel like their ad campaigns have been over-promised and under-delivering for months or even years, which is why we decided to do things differently as a mobile billboard company.

At ILUM we’re much more than a mobile billboard signs rental service or even a national mobile advertising agency,… we’re your partner.

Our client agreement renewal rate is among the highest in both the national and regional markets we service because we work like no one else to drive client ROI in new, innovative and strategic ways that our competitors often (try to) copy, even as we keep innovating. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to try something better,… try an ILUM mobile billboard sign and see the difference for yourself. At ILUM we lift brands!

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